Boys and Their Boat — An Unforgettable Father’s Day Hook Optics Adventure


bob chris anthony pino fishing

Battery Troubles

After three days of working another Hook Optics-sponsored event and kicking off the season at the Tuna and Tiara’s ladies tuna tournament, I was ready for a relaxed Father’s Day. For us, taking it easy often means catching up on house chores, cleaning up from a busy week, or fixing something that’s gone wrong with one of our boats. Today’s task was fixing the battery on my boat and getting the grill cleaned for the afternoon cookout. That was the plan.

A Spontaneous Inlet Adventure

bob pino catching fish
As the day heated up, my sons Anthony and Chris came over. We chatted while watching the Euros, all feeling pretty tired from the events of last few days. We had no plans other than to chill. Then, Chris suggested a spontaneous fishing trip to catch the tide. With Niki’s blessing, within minutes, we hopped in the boat and off we went.

For the next two hours, the fishing was incredible. The tide was perfect, and it was bite after bite on every cast. We were over the moon with excitement because we rarely get the chance to fish together these days, and when we do, the tide is never perfect!

For over an hour, we caught rockfish non-stop. Anthony’s first cast landed a fish, and my topwater lure created spectacular water explosions. Chris’s cast went in and another fish was on! We had triples and doubles, and the laughter and joy were boundless. Even though they enjoyed poking fun at me about my fishing techniques, I cherished every moment with my boys.

Anthony, a seasoned captain with 12 years of experience catching marlins and 200-pound tunas, had the time of his life catching bluefish and rockfish on nearly every cast. Chris a master angler and master sunglasses maker, Fishing with them as grown men reminded me of when they were young. The evening was priceless.

A Shark’s Surprise and a Perfect Sunsetsportfishing sunglasses enhanced visibility

In the midst of our excitement, I hooked a strong fish that fought fiercely. As I reeled it in, a shark suddenly appeared and bit my rockfish in half, just five feet from us. It was an unforgettable moment, and we caught some of it on film!
As the sunset cast a beautiful orange glow over the horizon, we continued fishing with our Hook Optics, which allowed us to see the fish clearly in the shallow, not-so-clear water. The sight of a rockfish exploding in the sunset reflection was a perfect end to a day of fishing.

A Family Feast and a Sunset Fishing Extravaganza

perfect day fishing

After our brief but thrilling fishing trip, we returned home to prepare for dinner. Niki, an exceptional cook, prepared a fantastic meal: filet mignon, shrimp, pasta, and a salad for the family. As we watched the end of the U.S. Open golf tournament, two of my brothers came over, and we all sat down for dinner.

Gratitude for a Memorable Day

This Father’s Day was truly special. Sometimes being in business together becomes all about business so it was nice to get out with my boys and do nothing but fish. I am grateful for the time spent with them, my brothers, and my wife. The fishing, the laughter, and the unforgettable moments made it a day to remember. Thank you, everyone, for giving me a fantastic Father’s Day.

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