Hook Optics Launches New Made in the USA Line 

Available on Our Site on July 2, 2024

hook optics made in usa fishing sunglasses

Cutting-Edge Made in the USA Sunglasses Redefining Clarity for Fishing Enthusiasts

Hook Optics is thrilled to present the Made in the USA Edition of its Premium Polarized Fishing and Lifestyle Sunglasses—an extraordinary visual experience that surpasses typical eyewear.

This edition represents a groundbreaking advancement by merging state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly materials, and meticulous craftsmanship tailored for today’s outdoor adventurers.

Precision and Innovation

The Made in the USA Edition features frames crafted with aerospace-grade nylon, reflecting Hook Optics’ dedication to quality and innovation. These fishing sunglasses are equipped with Hook Optics Hydroo lenses by Zeiss, offering the clarity of glass, reduced weight, and enhanced safety.

Precision Redefined, Sustainability Embraced

This edition raises the bar for precision and sustainability, employing a zero-waste manufacturing process. Hook Optics is committed to minimizing environmental impact while delivering a superior product.

Made in the USA Excellence

Captain Monty Hawkins, founder of the Ocean City Reef Foundation
Captain Monty Hawkins, founder of the Ocean City Reef Foundation

The Made in the USA Edition is more than just eyewear; it celebrates American craftsmanship and ingenuity. Each pair represents the precision and quality associated with American-made products.

Join the Visionary Movement

Hook Optics invites fishing enthusiasts, adventurers, and those who prioritize precision and sustainability to join this visionary movement. Enhance your vision with the Made in the USA Edition! Each design is rooted in classic styles, telling a story of American excellence and commitment. Join us in fostering dreams, adventures, and a sustainable future!

Hook Optics fishing sunglasses are a reminder to seize the moment and embody the American Dream. #visionwithoutlimits

Frame Descriptions and Specs

Patriot — Made in USA

hook optics patriot fishing sunglasses - aviators

Introducing the Patriot sunglasses, a symbol of American craftsmanship and functional design. Proudly made in the USA, these sunglasses capture the spirit of freedom and patriotism. Originally crafted for pilots in the 1930s, aviator sunglasses have a storied history tied to aviation and military culture. Hook Optics has modernized this classic shape, making it rugged and suitable for fishing, featuring premium polarized lenses.

These stylish and practical fishing sunglasses are perfect for both male and female anglers and are excellent for everyday use. They are designed to withstand the elements while enhancing your look with ease. Experience the pride of wearing sunglasses made in the USA while supporting our zero-waste manufacturing process!

  • Eye size: 55-18-126

Reef Builder — Made in USA

reef builder polarized fishing sunglasses made in the usa

Meet the Hook Optics Reef Builder, born from innovative ideas and named by the legendary Captain Monty Hawkins, founder of the Ocean City Reef Foundation. Captain Hawkins, an ocean conservation titan, dedicates his life to creating thriving underwater ecosystems. His vision now extends above the waves with the Reef Builder.

The Reef Builder honors Captain Monty and others who tirelessly work to improve our world. Wearing the Reef Builder means carrying a piece of Captain Hawkins’ indomitable spirit. Let your vision extend beyond the horizon, and together, let’s build a future as vast as the ocean itself!

  • Eye size: 63-15-125

Lady Luck — Made in USA

lady luck polarized fishing sunglasses made in the usa

Crafted with precision and style, Lady Luck sunglasses are your perfect companion for all adventures, from fishing trips to daily outings. They ensure clear vision and protection from glare and UV rays.

Our #visionwithoutlimits motto shines through each pair of Lady Luck sunglasses. Made in the USA using a zero-waste manufacturing process and featuring Hook Optics polarized lenses by Zeiss, these fishing sunglasses are a statement of confidence and American resilience. Whether on the water seeking the big catch or enjoying a sunny day, let Lady Luck bring you the fortune you need.

  • Eye size: 53-18-125

The Islander — Made in USA

islander polarized fishing sunglasses made in the usa

Whether you’re chasing ambitious dreams or enjoying a slower pace of life, the Islander sunglasses support your lifestyle. Inspired by “island time,” these frames remind you to savor the moment rather than rush from task to task.

Hook Optics encourages everyone to live their best life, whether through hard work or relaxation. Embrace the slower pace of island life and enjoy each moment with the Islander sunglasses.

  • Eye size: 53-18-125


Celebrate the launch of Hook Optics’ Made in the USA line of sunglasses. Embrace the precision, sustainability, and American craftsmanship of these exceptional eyewear pieces. Whether you’re a dedicated fisherman, an adventurer, or someone who values quality and innovation, our new line offers something for everyone. Experience the world with Hook Optics and enjoy unmatched clarity, style, and sustainability.

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