The ISLANDER — Made in USA



The ISLANDER — Made in USA

Whether you’re driven by ambition, striving to achieve your dreams through hard work, or prefer to savor the simple joys of a slower-paced existence. We’re here to support you in crafting time for yourself whatever that may be.

We’ve named this frame the “Islander” inspired by the concept of “island time”.  Instead of rushing from one task to the next, step back to savor the moment.

If you can pause and appreciate the beauty of nature during your lunch break or enjoy a leisurely walk.  The world will slow down and you will notice – the vibrance of the world through your Hook Optics Hydroo polarized lenses.

As you place the Islander on your face daily, think about being inspired by her new sunglasses and how you can implement small changes in her daily routine to discover more peace. Instead of embracing the overwhelmed and stressed lifestyle most of us live. If you’ve already done this, you already understand that true happiness isn’t found in the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule, but in the simple moments of stillness and connection that make life truly meaningful.

The “Islander” is named to help us embrace the pace of island time and the mindset of living in the moment.

At Hook Optics we encourage everyone to live their best life whether that be to work hard and follow your dreams or simply relaxing while embracing a slower paced life by living on island time.

So, whether you’re chasing fish, chasing your dreams or just soaking up the sun, do it in style with the Islander shades from Hook Optics.

Embrace the mindset of living in the moment.

A free case and lens cloth are included with every purchase.

8 Base Wrap – Eye size: 53-18-125

Additional information

Frame Color

Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Brown

USA lens options

Hydroo Blue Mirror, Hydroo Copper

Personalized Engraving

Not Today. Thanks!, Yes, Customize Me! $30


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