Maintain your Sunglasses like a Pro by Following These Expert Tips

    • Pre-Clean Wetting: Always wet your lenses before cleaning, use your Hook Optics lens cloth or dry with a soft cloth. This ensures a longer lifespan and minimizes the risk of scratches.

    • Post-Fishing Rinse: You wash your rods with fresh water after each use, make it common practice to wash your sunglasses with freshwater to remove the salty grind after fishing. Utilize your Hook Optics lens cloth for drying. Avoid the accumulation of salt, as cleaning dry lenses will inadvertently cause scratches.

    • Avoid Cleaning Products: Never use Windex or other cleaning products on your lenses. Stick to water or a tiny drop of non-antibacterial dish soap if lens cleaner is unavailable.

    • Regular Rinse Routine: Rinse your sunglasses in the morning and evening under fresh water. If necessary, use a minimal amount of non-antibacterial dish soap to eliminate your skin oils from the frame and lenses for a thorough clean. Dry with your Hook Optics lens cloth.

    • Say No to Soaking: Resist the temptation to soak your sunglasses overnight. Bathing your sunglasses is not required and in time, will damage the lenses. Damaged lenses are not covered by warranty but we do have a replacement policy.

Lens Cleaning Cloth for glasses
Extend the Life of Your Polarized Lenses 2


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