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We have been in the Optical Industry for over 40 years and fishing our entire lives. For the past 22 years we have owned and operated, An Optical Galleria, a boutique eye care practice. An Optical Galleria now has three locations all surrounded by water on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We understand sunglasses, lenses and the importance of a great fit. 

Due to changes in the industry we had to create our own brand. When creating HOOK Optics, we knew we had to make them BETTER than what’s out there.

After a lot of R & D and public opinion we feel we’ve achieved our goal. Time and time again, we are being told that “These frames feel great and your lenses are amazing.” We love hearing the “WOW’ out of everyone when they try them on. 

We are so grateful to all of you that continue to spread the word about our brand. When the best Captains, mates and anglers in the world tell us that they love Hook Optics, it gives us confidence to push the limits.

Our custom colored lenses are formulated intentionally to provide optimum eye protection and to cut through the water like no others. We spent a great deal of time and research to ensure people “See the Difference”.  Now when we hear the word “WOW” when everyone tries them on we can’t help but smile.

We are a independent family owned business but thanks to all of you HOOK Optics is already in 9 different countries and being recognized world wide.

Bob has been an Optician for 42 years. He runs the day to day activity in our Centreville, MD location. Niki, keeps everyone straight organizing day to day operations. Chris, also an Optician, manages our Ocean City location and Anthony is a tournament winning Captain who runs the “Bloodmoney” — a 64′ Custom built Caison Yacht ( . This is us. We have all hands on deck in Hook Optics and work together in every aspect of the business.

Thanks to your vote of confidence we will always strive for the best as we continue this journey.  To us, HOOK Optics is a labor of love, is not just a pair of sunglasses, HOOK Optics is our way of life. When you purchase of pair of Hook Optics, you’re supporting a family business and a passion.

We pay it forward by helping other organizations that we are passionate about like our Veterans, and the Freedom Alliance Offshore Experiences and War Hero’s on the Water.  Our local beach patrol means the world to us so while they protect local beach goers Hook Optics are protecting their eyes.  Thanks to your support we’ve been able to donate over 300 pairs of Hook Optics to the Ocean City Beach Patrol.

“Vision Without Limits” is our motto, we want to inspire you to dream and make your dreams come true, as we continue to pursue ours.

Get your Hook Optics today on line or if your local we can personally “Hook” you up in one of our stores. An Optical Galleria, llc, located in Centreville, Ocean City and Easton and check out our website at

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