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We’ve been fishing all our lives and have been in the optical industry for over 40 years. HOOK Optics is the hottest new brand on the market — designed by opticians that fish! We’ve specifically designed HOOK Optics to withstand extreme weather conditions. We spare no expenses when developing our lenses with Zeiss. Our custom colored lenses are designed intentionally to give fishermen an edge. HOOK Optics premium polarized lenses are fantastic for everyday use and specifically colored to offer superior performance on the water. People literally say “WOW” and see the difference when they put them on.

We are a 100% family owned business. Our businesses began when we opened our first eye care practice 22 years ago – An Optical Galleria. Bob has been an Optician for over 40 years and runs the day to day activity in our Centreville, MD location, Niki an artist, designer and is in charge all of operations, Chris is an Optician that runs our Ocean City Location and Anthony is a tournament winning Captain who runs the “Bloodmoney” — a 64′ Custom built Caison Yacht, hosts the podcast “State of Sportsfishing” and actively participants in day to day operations for Hook Optics.

We’ve been selling and building other brands for over 22 years. When creating HOOK Optics, we knew we had to create a product BETTER than what’s out there. After A LOT of R & D. We knew we did, however, public opinion is what matters.  Time and time again, we are being told that “These lenses are amazing.” Our frames fit great and our super comfortable. Thanks to you’re vote of confidence we will always strive for the best as we continue our journey.

To us, HOOK Optics is not just a pair of sunglasses, HOOK Optics is our way of life. We use the motto “Vision Without Limits” because we want to inspire you to dream and make your dreams come true, like we continue to pursue ours.

Check out that “WOW” factor people are talking about buy by purchasing a pair today. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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