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Hook Optics: Tradition Meets Quality

Hook Optics Premium Polarized Sunglasses emerged from a unique circumstance. When a once-reliable brand underwent a change in ownership, its quality changed as well. Despite the abundance of sunglass brands available, there was no brand the family’s eye care practices could transition 22 years of loyal customers into.

The Pino family, all avid fishermen, recognized the need for premium fishing sunglasses. Bob, an optician with over four decades of experience, understood sunglasses needed to withstand natures elements. Niki, a seasoned designer and business manager sought out the highest quality factories and partnered with Zeiss, a premier lens manufacturer.

Their sons, Anthony and Chris, brought even more expertise to the table. Anthony, a tournament-winning Charter boat Captain, provided insight on lens color development. Meanwhile, Chris, a top notch angler, serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Hook Optics, leading all aspects of the business. With all of this in mind, they set out to create the best sunglasses available.

Together, the Pino family launched Hook Optics Premium Polarized Sunglasses. The mission was to offer customers durable, stylish, and optically clear eyewear. Their commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of eye care and outdoor adventures, has allowed them to provide you with high quality, premium polarized sunglasses. This venture wasn’t just about creating yet another product; it was about crafting the very best sunglasses available.

Through dedication, innovation, and a genuine connection to their communities, Hook Optics has emerged. They strive to be a beacon of quality in the eyewear industry. Thanks to community support, Hook Optics has gained ground in 9 countries.

Hook Optics provides sunglasses yearly to the Ocean City Beach Patrol, ensuring eye safety as they save lives. They also support organizations they believe in such as the Freedom Alliance Offshore Experiences and War Heroes on the Water to name a few.

Furthermore, the Pino’s life of giving back did not start here. They have been affiliated with the Akita rescue, ARMAC . They have actively rescued Akitas for 30 years. If you visit “An Optical Galleria” in Ocean City, you will find Kono, now 14, at work daily with Chris!

Their story is about family values, the entrepreneurial spirit, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.  “Vision Without Limits” is their motto. They want to inspire you to follow your dreams as well and invite you to get “Hooked!”

Discover Hook Optics online or at “An Optical Galleria” for eye exams and prescription polarized sunglasses. You can find Hook Optics at any one of their three “An Optical Galleria” locations in Centreville, Ocean City, or Easton, MD.

Follow them on Facebook at “Hook Optics Adventures,” as well as, “Hook Optics” which can also be found also on Instagram.

For even more adventures and fishing tips, tune in to Captains Anthony Pino and Nick Carullo’s podcast, ‘Backlash Radio‘.

Additionally, don’t forget to explore for all your dredge and offshore gear needs, courtesy of Bob’s brother Bill Pino, who can make rubber squids swim like no other! You can also find and follow “Squidnation” on FB.

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