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Reviews & Testimonials
I purchased the Big Eye glasses from Hook Optics and I absolutely love them. I met with Chris and my RX lenses are perfect! I wear my Hooks whenever I get the chance and will definitely be purchasing from them again.
Besides their amazing sunglasses, the family that owns this company is also fantastic! I have the Ivy Sea in both black & tortoise and wear them everywhere. They stay on my face without digging, and my copper lenses still protect my eyes, despite being a "brighter" color making everything pop. The other high end copper lenses I tried, only hurt my eyes from the amount of light they still let through.
My wife and I just purchased our hook sunglasses they are fantastic. I got the big eyes and my wife got a pair with bifocals built in she loves them. Thank you Nicki and Optical Galleria Best glasses we ever owned!
Best sunglasses I've ever had!
I have three pairs for different uses. All three look great and are comfortable for wearing all day fishing or boating or anything! I got all mine through their Centreville shop, Bob and staff were extremely helpful and accommodating!
Best, and clearest sunglasses I have ever worn.
Awesome Sunglasses. I love mine and always tell people about them! Plus...Niki is awesome 😀
These are the best prescription sunglasses I have owned!! My dad and I each got a pair from the shop in Easton. 10/10 customer service and product quality! I’ll be referring my family and friends and be a loyal future customer again! #shoplocal
My CUDA sunglasses are my favorite BY FAR!!! Sun protection is great, super comfortable fit I can’t say enough good things & I love the Hook Optics family.
My friend Tom Holste shared his experience with HOOK Optics.
Tom introduced me to Bob at the Kent Island Fishing Expo. Bob measured me on the spot. Picked up the glasses in Centreville yesterday from Jessica and they are the best frames and
progressive lenses I have ever worn in 25 years and they are sunglasses! Treated like old friends from the moment we met!! The Best!!

To prolong the life of your lenses, always wet them before cleaning, preferably with a dedicated lens cloth rather than a T-shirt.

After fishing, wash your sunglasses with fresh water and dry them using your Hook Optics lens cloth to prevent salt from causing scratches. Avoid rubbing dirt and grime into dry lenses, similar to how you wouldn’t wash your car without water.

Never use Windex or other cleaning products on your lenses.

Rinse your sunglasses with fresh water in the morning and evening. If your lenses are greasy, use a tiny drop of non-antibacterial dish soap for cleaning, then dry with a Hook Optics lens cloth or a soft cloth.

Avoid soaking your sunglasses overnight in a bath; they don’t require it like you do!

Following these simple instructions will help ensure your sunglasses last a long time. Thank you for choosing Hook Optics Premium Polarized Sunglasses.


Once your sunglasses are registered here, your warranty is active. HOOK Optics sunglasses are warranted, to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER, against any manufacturing defects in materials. Frames or lenses that have been dropped, scratched, eaten by the dog and/or not properly cared for will not fall under manufacturers defects nor be warranted. 

Salt and sand particles can cause abrasions when wiped with a dry cloth, leading to scratches on lenses. Please note that such damage is not covered under our warranty. 

Hook Optics can provide replacement lenses for most scratched or damaged lenses for a fee. If you have a problem simply contact us, we will evaluate the problem and do our best to resolve it. 


If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it up to 15 days from the date of receipt. The returned sunglasses must be unworn and in the same condition it was received. You will be responsible for return shipping charges. If you have a problem, we are here to help.

For assistance, please email us at with “RETURN,” “REPAIR,” or “WARRANTY” in the subject line. For a RETURN, kindly attach a copy of your original receipt, provide the date of purchase. If this is a WARRANTY or REPAIR concern, provide your full name so we can look up your registration.

You will receive an email within a few days with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form attached, you will need to complete and include this form with related details.

Platinum Glass Lens Disclaimer

HOOK Optics Platinum GLASS lenses pass all FDA standards but can crack or break. All persons wearing glass lenses should be aware that you have chosen to purchase glass lenses over the safer alternative(s) of our thermoforce or polycarbonate lenses. If, by chance, an accident or injury does occur while wearing these glass lenses you understand that you made this selection and are wearing them at your own risk. Therefore, you agree not to hold An Optical Galleria, llc or HOOK Optics liable in any way, shape or form.