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Considering these factors will help you find the right-sized frame when shopping online, on our website, or in any store.

Understand Frame Measurements:

Pay attention to frame measurements. These typically include lens width, bridge width, and temple length. Match these measurements with your current sunglasses for a good fit. Hook Optics frames and most other frames are measured in millimeters, For example, 58-18-135.

58 mm is the width of 1 lens – 18 mm is the width of the bridge (nose are) 135 is the length of the temple.

The most important measurements are the lens and bridge – For instance Hook Optics Billfisher frame measures. The temples can always be adjusted by any good optician.

60-17-130 Billfisher– fits most Large Faces

56-15-125 Ivy Sea – fits most Small faces

Consider Face Shape:

Different frame shapes complement various face shapes. Consider your face shape (round, square, oval, etc.) and choose a frame style that complements it.  Refer to our Hook Optics blog about fitting sunglasses to face shapes.

Check Your Current Glasses:

 If you currently own sunglasses that fit well, check the measurements imprinted on the inside of the temple arm. Look for the three numbers representing lens width, bridge width, and temple length.

When doing so you will want measurement larger than your everyday glasses this will insure that you get for more coverage. Remember that most sunglasses are intentionally made larger.

The Proper Fit:

Any frame you choose should rest on your nose, not on your cheeks, wrap as close to the side of your face WITHOUT squeezing your head and leaving indentation marks. A few benefits to a wearing a wrapped sunglass style are 1) It will cut down the amount of light coming in the backside of the frame and 2) It will provide you with a better peripheral vision.

When selecting any frame look at the frame inside and out. If you see five screws holding on a cute plate design on the outside of the temple put it back. (KISS) Keep it simple stupid—means —less to fail in our optical world!

If you choose a Hook Optics frame that does not fit our return policy is simple

You can return or exchange them by simply sending us an email requesting an RMA. Upon receiving your unworn frame we will credit you 100% or work with you one on one to find a better fit, if you prefer.

We’ve been Opticians for 40 years so we have developed the three of most popular lens colors: Copper base with Cobalt Mirror, Gray base with Mirror, Gray base with no Mirror.

Here’s a quick guide:

Copper Lenses:

High Contrast. Great for partly cloudy days, ideal for mornings, overcast days, haze, and rain. Enhances images with more light and higher contrast.

Gray Lenses:

Our gray lenses simulate the truest colors on the spectrum.  Perfect for bright sunny days. Enhance contrast and vibrancy on bright days.

While lens colors play a crucial role, our lenses offer more than meets the eye. Scientifically integrated features include:
Mirror Coatings:

Consider for glare reduction and enhanced colors, but avoid if your nose burns easy.

Hydrophobic Finish:

Easier to clean, repels water.

Oleophobic Treatment:

Easier to clean, repels oils.

Anti-static treatment:

repels dust, salt and sand.

Backside Anti-reflective Coating:

Reduces distracting reflections that sneak in the backside of your sunglasses.


Hook Optics has chosen the best of all treatments.

Many fishermen have several pairs of sunglasses for different conditions; however, selecting the lens colors is often a personal choice.

Prescriptions are available up to -4.00 and + 3.00 simply contact us for further information.

Basically, it is all about the direction of light and a combination of science.

 In a polarized material, molecules align themselves in a specific orientation, creating a preferred direction for the transmission of light.

Here’s a more scientific but basic explanation of how molecules align in polarized materials:

Initial Random Alignment:

In an unpolarized state, the molecules within a material have random orientations.

Introduction of Polarizing Filters:

The material undergoes a process involving many variation of polarizing filters or layers. These filters are designed to selectively transmit light waves that oscillate in a specific direction.

Alignment of Molecules:

As light passes through the material, molecules respond to the polarization filters by aligning themselves parallel to the preferred direction of light transmission.

Selective Light Transmission:

Aligned molecules allow light waves oscillating in the desired direction to pass through more easily, while light waves oscillating in other directions are either absorbed or significantly reduced.

Achieving Polarization:

The result is a polarized material where light passing through has a predominant direction of oscillation, resulting in reduced glare and improved clarity.

In conclusion:

Crafting an ideal polarized lens for diverse conditions is a challenging task, given the multitude of lens variations available in today’s market. The Hook Optics family aimed to collaborate with Zeiss, the foremost best experts, to develop a lens that distinctly stands out, ensuring people notice a substantial difference.

Polarized lenses reduce glare from surfaces like water, providing enhanced clarity and comfort for outdoor activities. Non-polarized lenses lack this specific filtering, making them more general-purpose but much less effective in bright conditions. Choose based on your specific needs and preferences.

Polarized lenses should be an essential part of your fishing gear.

Polarization is crucial for optimal vision and eye protection, especially around water. Hook Optics lenses by Zeiss set the gold standard as the best polarized lenses on the market today. With Hook Optics, you not only experience glare-free clarity but also benefit from maximum UV protection. This combination offers a safer and superior visual experience in any outdoor setting, particularly fishing and around water.

Glare Elimination:

Polarization is your secret weapon against glare. Whether it’s the sun reflecting off the water or other surfaces, like, windshield or glass. Polarization neutralizes these intense light reflections. This elimination of glare is crucial as it enhances your overall visibility.

Clear Object Perception:

By neutralizing glare, polarized lenses enable you to see objects under the water. This is especially beneficial in water-related activities where clarity is key, allowing you to spot fish, and other submerged obstacles or even see fellow swimmers with greater precision.

True Color Perception:

Polarized lenses contribute to a more accurate perception of colors. They reduce the distortion caused by glare, allowing you to see colors as they truly are. They are essential for fishing.

UV Light Protection:

In addition to glare reduction, polarized lenses act as a barrier against harmful UV rays. These lenses help minimize the negative effects of ultraviolet light on your eyes, providing an extra layer of defense against potential damage.

Safety Around Water:

The ability to see people clearly in the water is not just about enjoying the scenery; it can be a matter of safety. Whether you’re observing someone catching a wave or monitoring the surroundings, clear vision is the key to preventing potential risks, such as identifying someone caught in a rip current. Another reason why Hook Optics supplies Ocean City Beach Patrol with sunglasses.

Sunglasses as Essential Protection:

Drawing a parallel to sunscreen for the skin, sunglasses are like a shield for your eyes. They safeguard your vision from harmful UV rays, ensuring that you can enjoy outdoor activities without compromising eye health.

First of all many people refer to polycarbonate lenses as plastic but to set the record straight poly is in its own category:

Polycarbonate is a different type of plastic, it’s in it’s own advanced category known for high impact resistance and lightweight qualities. When people refer to “plastic” lenses, they might be talking about a broader category that includes various materials. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is a specialized plastic often used for its durability, impact resistance, and suitability for sports eyewear.

Now to get back to your questions:

Both lenses have their advantages and disadvantages:

Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and lifestyle. Glass lenses may be preferred for optical clarity, while polycarbonate lenses excel in impact resistance and are a safer choice for an active lifestyle.

Glass Lenses:

Optical Clarity:

Glass provides exceptional optical clarity, offering distortion-free vision. However, when and if it is dropped, glass will most likely crack or shatter.

Scratch Resistance:

Glass lenses are more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses, maintaining a clearer vision over time.


Glass lenses are more durable and less prone to wear and tear, but nothing lasts forever.

Polycarbonate Lenses:

Impact Resistance:

Polycarbonate is highly impact-resistant, making these lenses much more suitable for outdoor activities and a much safer choice especially for mates. For example, in the eyewear industry it is mandatory, by law, that everyone under the age of 18 wear must have polycarbonate lenses and not plastic or glass.


Polycarbonate lenses are lighter than glass, providing increased comfort for prolonged wear.

UV Protection:

Polycarbonate inherently blocks 100% of harmful UV rays, offering built-in eye protection.

Hook Optics has introduced a new material to the sunglass market which is Thermoforce lenses by Zeiss because of their exceptional quality and innovation.

ZEISS Sunlens division developed Thermo Force, an outdoor Polarized lens which keeps your eyes safe from environmental hazards. Thermo Force lens differs from a standard polarized lens because it absorbs over 90% of infrared rays between 780 and 2000 nm.

With the Thermo Force polarized lens you get:

Infrared protection:

Stops up to 5X more infrared light than standard polarized lenses

Glare free vision:

Thanks to the polarized filter, for high image definition and contrast

Shatter resistance:

Thermo Force material molecular structure is higher and more impact-resistant than polycarbonate

Total UV Protection

Visual clarity:

Prevents visual fatigue thanks to low haze and high material transparency


Hook Optics lenses by Zeiss’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and premium materials which makes their lenses the stand out both in performance and protection.

It’s simple — Zeiss lenses are renowned for being the best.

With a legacy of 178 years in precision optics Zeiss leads in polarized lens technology. Their lenses, crafted with innovative coatings and advanced materials, offer unmatched clarity, glare reduction, and UV protection. Zeiss is known for utilizing cutting-edge optical technology for superior clarity and sharpness.

Zeiss lenses are renowned for being among the best in the world. Hook Optics choose to work with Zeiss due both of their meticulous attention to detail.

Warranty & Return FAQs

HOOK Optics sunglasses are warranted, to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER, against any manufacturing defects in materials. Frames or lenses that have been dropped, scratched, eaten by the dog, and/or abused will not likely fall under manufacturer’s defects nor be warranted. This information is stated clearly on the warranty card in which you received with your purchase and on this site.

Once you purchase a pair of Hook Optics Sunglasses, we make it simple to hop online and register your purchase on our website. Once registered, your sunglasses are under the manufacturer’s warranty for three years.

Hook Optics can provide replacement lenses for most scratched or damaged lenses for a fee. If you have a problem simply contact us, we will evaluate the problem and do our best to resolve it.

Hook Optics can provide replacement lenses for most scratched or damaged lenses for a fee. If you have a problem simply contact us, we will evaluate the problem and do our best to resolve it.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it up to 15 days from the date of receipt. The returned sunglasses must be unworn and in the same condition it was received. You will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Please contact us at sales@hooksunglasses.com include RETURN in the subject line. Include a copy of your original receipt or date of purchase with the reason for the return. We will provide an email return authorization form to expedite your return.

If you have a problem, we are here to help.