Reel in the Perfect Look: 

We can Hook You Up with the Frame That Fits Your Style and Adventure!

Best Sunglasses styles for Face Shape
Reel in the Perfect Look: We can Hook You Up with the Frame That Fits Your Style and Adventure! 3

1. Round Face: Angular Precision for the Angler

Anglers with a round face, rejoice! Angular and geometric frames are your secret weapon on the water. They not only add a touch of definition but also enhance your focus. Say goodbye to round frames and welcome the precision of angles for a reel-y good catch. We suggest our Big Eye (XL Fit), Last Call (XXL Fit), Billfisher (L Fit), Mako, or our Yellowfin (Med Fit).

2. Square Face: Softening the Edges for Smooth Casting

Square-faced fishermen, it’s time to soften those edges for a smoother casting experience. Round or oval frames complement your strong angles, adding a dash of sophistication to your fishing style. Leave the square frames on the shore – your catch deserves curves. We suggest the Glacier 305, Mako, YellowFin or Billfisher for the most men, Cuda, Hey Chama, (Medium Fit) Ivy Sea or Marli (Smaller Fits) will fit most women. 

3. Oval Face: Versatility as Vast as the Open Sea

Blessed with an oval face shape? Consider yourself the captain of versatility. Almost any frame style sets sail beautifully on your features. Explore different shapes and sizes to find the perfect companion for your fishing adventures. Just avoid frames that overpower – balance is your first mate. We suggest the Glacier 305, Mako, Yellowfin, or our Billfisher.

4. Heart-Shaped Face: Framing the Romance of the Open Water

For those with a heart-shaped face, let your fishing frames capture the romance of the open water. Opt for bottom-heavy frames like aviators and cat-eye styles to complement your broad forehead and narrower jaw. Say farewell to top-heavy frames – romance and fishing deserve a balanced ensemble. Hey Chama is a great fit in Gun Metal or Gold for most men, Shiny Silver, Rose Gold or Gold for the Ladies. Marli is a perfect for small narrow faces, and the Glacier 305 would be another great choice! The side guards can be removed on the 305 giving you 2 different looks!


 are more than just a shield from the sun; they’re your trusted companion on the water. Experiment with styles, try on various frames, and let your fishing personality shine through. Find the frames that resonate with your angling style, and let every fishing trip be framed in perfection. 

Tight lines and big catches and great vibes on your next fishing adventure! 🕶️🎣

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