Hook Optics Brings Focus to Advanced Eye Safety: Protecting Your Eyes Against Harmful Infrared Rays

In the fast-evolving world of eyewear, discussions often revolve around eye protection from blue light from your digital screens. Due to our daily lives becoming increasingly dependent on screens, the concern for blue light exposure has rightfully gained significant traction. Blue light protection is undoubtedly crucial for indoor eye protection. But what about outdoor eye protection?
protective polarized lenses for fishing
Hook Optics is redirecting attention to the often-overlooked realm of red light and its associated threat: Harmful Infrared Rays. Spotlighting the need for safeguarding our eyes against Harmful Infrared Rays, is equally as important. The Hook Optics family prioritizes and promotes Red Light Protection against InfraRed Radiation, as well as the wider spectrum of potential threats.

What is InfraRed Radiation?

Infrared (IR) rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light. These rays lay just beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum. Infrared radiation is commonly associated with heat, as it is often emitted by hot objects. For example, the heat of the sun, or even your grill.

While some exposure to infrared radiation is natural and harmless, prolonged or intense exposure, like being on the water all day, can harm the eyes. That’s why it’s crucial to use choose lenses with added eye protection against harmful infrared rays, like Hook Optics polarized sunglasses.


Hook Optics Polarized ThermoForce lenses by Zeiss for Better Eye Protection

Hook Optics Polarized ThermoForce lenses by Zeiss go beyond standard UV and blue light protection. They also defend against the less visible, yet equally significant, threat of harmful infrared rays. Hook Optics is committed to pushing boundaries and redefining the standards for advanced eye safety.

Vision Without Limits

When choosing Hook Optics, consumers make a conscious decision to prioritize their eye health through cutting-edge technology by Zeiss. It’s not just about staying ahead of trends. It’s about embracing innovation that truly matters. Hook Optics ThermoForce lenses embrace this, they help protect your eyes while preventing fatigue by blocking heat and keeping your eyes cooler throughout another day on the water.

Hook Optics Made By Opticians that Fish

Love your eyes, like you love to fish. Join the movement toward a new era of eye protection—choose Hook Optics Sunglasses today!

Polarized Sunlenses by Zeiss Red Light Protection
Hook Optics Thermoforce Lenses by Zeiss are a Game Changer 3

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