Fishing Sunglasses 101: Your Guide to Quality, Material, and Fit

fishing sunglasses 101

When it comes to fishing, your eyes deserve the best protection. That’s why polarized sunglasses are an absolute must-have. Polarization not only eliminates glare but also enhances clarity, allowing you to spot fish more easily and enjoy your time on the water without squinting or straining your eyes. Plus, it reduces the harmful effects of UV light, keeping your vision sharp and your eyes healthy for years to come.
But here’s the thing: not all sunglasses are created equal. Sure, you could save a few bucks by opting for a cheap pair, but trust me when I say that’s a decision you’ll regret. Cheap sunglasses often use tinted lenses, which may seem fine at first glance. However, those tinted lenses can actually do more harm than good.
Let me break it down for you: when you put on a pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses, your pupils naturally dilate, allowing more light to enter your eyes. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. That extra light also means more UV rays making their way into your eyes, increasing your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and even ocular melanoma – a rare but serious form of eye cancer. Not exactly the kind of catch you were hoping for, huh?

Polarized with Advantages

That’s where polarized lenses come in. Not only do Hook Optics lenses reduce glare, but they also provide superior UV protection, keeping your eyes safe and your vision clear, even on the brightest of days. And when it comes to lens material, you can’t go wrong with polycarbonate. It’s lightweight, impact-resistant, and virtually shatterproof, making it an excellent choice for anglers who aren’t afraid to tackle the elements head-on.
At Hook Optics, we take eye protection seriously. That’s why we’ve chosen to use only the finest materials and the highest quality scratch-resistant lens treatments on the market. Our ThermoForce lenses are not only polarized but also 5 times stronger than polycarbonate, ensuring unparalleled durability and protection, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also coated our lenses with salt, hydrophobic, and oleophobic coatings to repel water, oil, and sunscreen, keeping your vision clear and your sunglasses looking like new, trip after trip. And with anti-static technology to repel sand and dirt, you can focus on reeling in the big one without worrying about scratches or smudges getting in your way.

Next Level Materials

When it comes to frame materials, we’ve got you covered there too. Whether you prefer the classic look of metal or the lightweight feel of our TR90 Material, we’ve got frames to suit every style and preference. And with an array of styles to choose from – including our classic aviators, TR90 wrapped made for sports and outdoor use, and our steampunk, 305 glacier frame with side guards – you’re sure to find the perfect pair to complement your personal style and fishing needs.
But perhaps most importantly, we understand that fit is everything when it comes to sunglasses. That’s why our expert opticians are here to help you find the perfect pair for your face shape and size, ensuring maximum comfort and performance, both on and off the water.
So why settle for anything less than the best? Visit us at today and experience the difference for yourself. Your eyes – and your catch of the day – will thank you.

We Know Eyewear

Care to visit and check out our eyecare practices? You can find us on the web at

We’re more than just a sunglasses company – we’re a family of opticians, fishermen, and designers, united by our passion for quality and innovation. With decades of experience on the water and in the eyewear industry, we understand the unique needs of anglers like no one else. That’s why we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology, striving for the best possible performance and protection in every pair of polarized sunglasses we created. So when you choose Hook Optics, you’re not just getting a pair of sunglasses – you’re joining a family dedicated to helping you see the world in a whole new light.

Vision Without Limits

By supporting Hook Optics, you’re not only investing in top-notch eyewear but also supporting our family and the causes we hold dear. Your purchase provides us with the opportunity to give back to organizations we’re passionate about, such as the Ocean City Beach Patrol, Freedom Alliance Offshore Experiences, Akita Rescue, and more. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact on our community and beyond, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our oceans and outdoor adventures. Share in our Vision Without Limits and join us in making a difference, one pair of sunglasses at a time.

Bob Pino, Niki Pino, Chris Pino and Captain Anthony Pino



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