Meet the Visionaries Behind Hook Optics Sunglasses 

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Niki, Bob, Anthony, and Chris Pino are the driving force behind Hook Optics Sunglasses. This remarkable family has deep roots in the optical industry and fishing, and their shared passion and expertise are the driving force behind the brand.

Their Journey: From Passion to Innovation

With a lifetime of fishing experience and collectively over 40 years in the optical industry, they recognized a need for top-quality polarized sunglasses with fishing and outdoors. This realization led to the birth of Hook Optics Polarized Sunglasses.

Pioneering Quality: A Quest for Excellence

Their mission was clear: create the best sunglasses on the market. To achieve this, they embarked on a global quest to source the finest factories, with a special focus on Italy. Collaboration with Zeiss, a renowned optics company, was instrumental in crafting lenses that offer optimal clarity, enabling you to see underwater treasures with unmatched precision. With the technology of Zeiss lenses and the families R & D and expertise on lenses and colors. The “WOW” was born. WOW is literally what most people say when they put Hook Optics on for the first time.

Advanced Lens Technology: Unveiling the Magic

They delved into perfecting treatment options, selecting only the most advanced oleophobic and hydrophobic technology available today. These innovations make Hook Optics lenses repel sweat, oil, water, sunscreen, and more. Their Thermoforce lens is a game-changer, constructed from a specialized material that’s a remarkable 5 times stronger than polycarbonate, as verified by Zeiss. This exceptional lens features an infrared filter to block heat, reducing fatigue. To top it off, they incorporated anti-static technology to keep dust at bay.

Maintenance Made Easy: Care and Convenience:

Owning a pair of Hook Optics Sunglasses brings an additional pleasant surprise—they’re notably easier to clean than most ordinary polarized lenses.

Real People, Real Impact: Their Commitment

Hook Optics isn’t just about sunglasses; it’s about people. Their sunglasses are designed by real people and showcased by real models. They proudly support their troops and contribute to organizations making a positive impact on our world.

Motto and Mission: Vision Without Limits

Their guiding motto, “VISION WITHOUT LIMITS,” is the driving force behind their unwavering goal: creating truly exceptional sunglasses.

Award-Winning Eye Care Practices: An Optical Galleria, llc

Their commitment to excellence extends to their three award-winning boutique eye care practices, known as An Optical Galleria, llc. These practices are nestled on Maryland’s Eastern shore.

A Journey with Gratitude: Your Support Matters

Creating Hook Optics Sunglasses has been an incredible adventure, and your unwavering support has been the heart and soul of this journey.

Their Ongoing Commitment: Quality and Service

While servicing 3 different local communities with their brick and mortar stores, their goal has always been to provide you with the quality and service you deserve.

Stay Connected: Join Their Community

Explore their stores at and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook, where you’ll find them at both Hook Optics and An Optical Galleria. Subscribe to Captain Anthony Pino’s podcast Backlash Radio on Spotify and YouTube.

A heartfelt thank you for being a part of their story and supporting their vision.

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