10 Reasons Why Sunglasses are Your Secret Weapon for Fishing Success

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10 Reasons Why Sunglasses are Your Secret Weapon for Fishing Success 3
  • See that Bite as it Happens: Glare on the water makes spotting subtle splashes and movements almost impossible. Hook Optics polarized fishing sunglasses cut through that glare revealing fish lurking below the surface, giving you the edge in reaction time. 
  • Protect Your Eyesight, Enhance Your Catch: UV rays damage your eyes over time, even on cloudy days. Quality polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection like Hook Optics Sunglasses, help keep your eyes healthy and sharp. Quality polarized sunglasses allow you to see details like fishing lures and water clarity, ultimately leading to more successful catches.
  • When Fishing Inshore Spot Structure Like a Pro: Underwater rocks, ledges, and vegetation are fish magnets. Extensive research went into the colorization of Hook Optics polarized lenses to enhance your ability to see through the water, revealing key structures where fish hide for the advantage. Polarization helps to see floating obstacle(s) like drift wood on the water as well as rocks below.
  • Reduce Eye Strain and Stay Focused: Squinting in bright sunlight is tiring and can be distracting. Comfortable, well-fitting polarized sunglasses like Hook Optics reduce eye strain, allowing you to stay focused on the water and maintain peak performance throughout your fishing trip. Hook Optics ThermoForce lenses go a step beyond with added infraRed Technology by Zeiss. Above all, these lenses help block the UVA, UVB, and infraRed rays keeping your eyes cooler under hot summer sun. 
  • Prevent Hooks and Snags when Casting: People don’t often think about unexpected casts or windy conditions which send hooks and lures flying beyond control. Sunglasses can act as a shield, potentially protecting eyes from injuries and saving from the frustration of lost tackle.
  • Look Cool, Feel Cool (Literally): Fishing is about enjoying the outdoors and getting away from the stress of everyday life. Everyone knows sunglasses complement your fishing attire. Additionally, they also keep your face cool, protecting from the sun’s heat. This makes for a more comfortable, enjoyable day on the water.
  • Choose the Right Tool for the Job: Different fishing environments require different lens features. However, being on the water always requires polarized lenses like Hook Optics Sunglasses. Sometimes, those polarized lenses need to be a prescription. The opticians behind our brand, Bob and Chris, can make prescription polarized lenses for your favorite Hook Optics frame. If you want to try photochromic (Transition) lenses for changing light conditions, they are now available in polarized lenses too. Visit the opticians behind the brand at www.eyesandart.net or visit one of our three physical locations in Maryland, An Optical Galleria.
    FYI for those who love lenses with mirrors, mirrored lenses reduce about an extra 2% of glare. Consequently, they also attract the sun to your nose which will cause it to burn faster! 
  • Color Matters: Hook Optics spent months researching the specific color variations necessary for saltwater fishing. Hook Optics Thermoforce Gray Base lenses by Zeiss, are designed to see the truest colors in the spectrum. Therefore, they are perfect for days when the sun is high and bright. Hook Optics Thermoforce Gray Base lenses by Zeiss, are available with a blue mirror or without a mirror. Hook Optics Copper Cobalt lens has a copper base with a green-blue mirror. This is perfect for higher contrast in lower-light situations. Of course, for most Captains it is a personal preference. The clarity of all of our Hook Optics lenses is impressive. 
  • Go Beyond Fishing – Invest in Eye Health: Having the right gear and lures is important, but remember, sunglasses are primarily an investment for the health of your eyes. High-quality, Durable lenses should always be priority, no matter what brand you choose. In short, proper UV protection is a must to assist in long-term eye well-being. Sunglasses are a vital part of every angler’s fishing gear. 
  • Sustainable Fishing Starts with Protecting Yourself: In Conclusion, responsible fishing practices extend to protecting your own health. Sunglasses reduce the risk of sun exposure and eye damage, allowing you to enjoy any sport for years to come. Hook Optics recycles, uses sustainable manufacturing facilities, and partners with others that also care.

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