Sunglasses made by Opticians that Fish. Polarized, Shatter-Resistant & UV Protection. Explore the Brand that are making waves | HOOK Optics. Choose your lens color, choose your treatments. 

All Prescriptions sunglasses are made to order in our labs at An Optical Galleria

Billfisher – 8 Base Maximum RX +3.50 or  -4.00

Frame Fit: Medium, Large | Frame Size: 60-17-130

All lenses include a backside Anit-reflective coating. 


The Billfisher, named after one of the top Captains in the world, Jon Duffie, and his legendary fishing family.

The Duffie Family is the epitome of our motto, Vision Without Limits.  Captain Jon Duffie established Duffie Boatworks extending his passion for fishing and boat building. Shortly after the launch of the brand new 64′ beast, he created, the Duffie family captured a record breaking 1135 lb blue marlin taking home the most talked about win of the Mid-Atlantic Tournament.  What’s more, the Duffie family continues to follow their dreams and strive for the best, through decades of hard work and effort. It’s nice to see their dreams coming true.

If you spend any amount of time outside and want to have crystal clear vision, prescription sunglasses are the way to go.

Patients can enjoy the convenience of wearing one set of glasses when spending time outdoors.

If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses daily having a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses can be beneficial while greatly improving your quality of life. After all seeing is believing!

They will also give you eyes a rest and a chance to breath if you wear contact lenses daily.

All lenses are made to order based on your eye doctors valid prescription. A valid prescription means that it’s expiration date is within 2 years old. If you have diabetes or other medical concerns we recommend a complete eye exam prior to ordering lenses. We want to provide you the best vision and the most accurate prescription is needed to do so.

All RX lenses include 100% UV protection and include an additional backside anti-reflective (AR) treatment.

Patients who order prescription sunglasses can choose their lens base color – Gray or Brown and choose whether you want a mirror on the front side of your lenses or prefer lenses with no mirror.  Lenses with mirror normally provide about 2 % more clarity.

Backside AR- this additional treatment allows any light to penetrate through the back side of the lens instead of bouncing back into your eyes. Unlike other brands we recommend it and include it in our lens prices.

We have found that the benefit to adding the backside (AR) treatment provides additional clarity and comfort throughout your day.

All Prescriptions sunglasses are made to order in our labs at An Optical Galleria – voted Best Optician and Customer Service year after year.  Visit for information about our eyecare practices or stop in to see us today.

Once your order is placed, it can not be cancelled or returned for a refund.

All prescription lenses are custom made to YOUR prescription. If you have a problem once you receive your new sunglasses we will trouble shoot with you to try to resolve it.

Please allow about 2-3 weeks for standard prescriptions.

Billfisher – 8 Base – Maximum RX is +3.50 or  -4.00

Frame Fit: Medium, Large | Frame Size: 60-17-130

All lenses include a backside Anti-reflective (AR) coating. 

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 17 × 130 cm
Frame Color

Matte Black, Matte Gray

Base Color

Brown, Grey

RX Lens Options

Single Vision Lens without mirror, Single Vision Lens with mirror, Bifocal Lens without mirror, Bifocal Lens with mirror, Progressive Lens without mirror, Progressive Lens with mirror


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